Anti-peep AB glue / Tempered glass anti-peep film knowledge introduction

Anti-peep AB glue is an anti-peep film material used on glass protective film. The so-called AB glue refers to the glue with different characteristics (viscosity, glue composition, thickness, etc.) on the front and back sides of the film. The material is usually OCA on one side and silica gel on the other side; glass is glued on the OCA side, and the silicone side is glued on the screen. It is the main material of tempered glass privacy film; it is affixed to the screen to prevent peeping. Structure of anti-peep AB glue structure: Ranch Structure of tempered glass privacy film: Ranch Anti-peeping film base material (30 °, 35 °), anti-peeping AB glue (white film, silk screen), direct-coated silica gel, soft substrate, fast exhaust
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