Waterproof tape_IPX7 waterproof tape_IPX8 waterproof tape

      Recently, some customers are looking for some waterproof tape to meet the special application requirements, so what is the IPX waterproof grade? IPX waterproof grade means that under certain conditions, even if the electronic product or instrument is immersed in water, the water will not enter the interior, belonging to the anti-immersion grade. 

Let's start with the ipx waterproof rating:


IPX0: has no protection; 
IPX1: type I, the vertical drop of water droplets have no harmful effect; 
IPX2: type II has no harmful effect on the water droplets falling within the range of 15 "in the vertical direction. 
IPX3: rain-proof type has no harmful effect on the rainfall in the range of 60 degrees in the vertical direction. 
IPX4: splash-proof type, affected by water spatter in any direction has no harmful effect; 
IPX5: anti-jet type, any direction is directly affected by the injection of water without harmful influence; 
IPX6: water-resistant type, any direction directly by the water injection will not enter the interior; 
IPX7: anti-immersion type, under the specified conditions, even if immersed in water will not enter the interior; 
IPX8: water medium, long-term immersion in a certain pressure of water can still be used; 
IPX9: moisture proof type, can also be used in moisture below 90% relative humidity.

Our PE foam products are waterproof, and the grade can reach the IPX8 grade.

1) E60xxBL Seri. 
This product is a kind of PE foam tape, which is composed of shock-absorbing polyethylene foam gasket and is equipped with a new type of anti-impact and repulsive adhesive. 
The main application of the product and ultra-narrow frame window fixed and other higher requirements of the scheme, the product has high anti-cushioning performance, excellent anti-warping performance, good gap filling and waterproof performance, waterproof performance can reach ip7~IPX8 level. 

2) EC61xxBL series. 
This product has higher comprehensive performance than E60xxBL series, it has ultra-high shock absorption performance, can be tested up to 1200 times in drum test, and has high bonding strength on all kinds of adhesive surface, including better stickiness of low surface energy plate than competitive product. Good anti-warping performance, narrow edge die-cutting ability is strong, the minimum die-cutting width can reach 0.5mm, good waterproof performance, can reach IPX8 grade.