Apple secretly supports Luxun's precision involvement in iPhone manufacturing

According to media reports on May 13th, several sources said that Apple has recommended that China ’s AirPods wireless headsets, China ’s foundry business, Luxeon Precision, implement a major investment in iPhone and MacBook metal shell providers Kecheng Technology. Another long-term supplier, Foxconn, has established a strong alternative. This move may eventually help Luxeon Precision to obtain a part of the iPhone production orders, the annual shipment of the phone is about 200 million units. Regarding this matter, as a matter of fact, as early as May 7th, Taiwan media vaguely reported it, and then Ke Cheng also clarified the matter. However, according to industry sources, there is no certainty as to who will make the investment, and it has been said: "At present, both Lucent Precision and Lansi Technology are robbing." Affected by this, Lucent Precision opened in the afternoon and straightly rose! The In fact, whether it is for Licent Precision or Lansi Technology, investing in Kecheng will be a good integration. As one of Apple ’s most important suppliers of precision structural parts, its strength is naturally not used. More to say, and Lansi Technology has obtained orders for first-tier domestic mobile phone brands such as Huawei in the glass case + metal mid-frame business in the past two years. If it can invest, it will undoubtedly help it win Apple. Order.
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