Zhuoyi Technology: Wi-Fi6 router, K30 PRO 5G mobile phone has been mass-produced and shipped

Recently, Zhuoyi Technology released relevant information on investor research and said that in the first quarter of 2020, the company introduced new products such as Wi-Fi6 routers and K30 PRO 5G mobile phones, which have been mass-produced and shipped. Affected by the new crown epidemic situation, although the company's orders were full, the overall operation in the first quarter was insufficient, the effective working time was short, and the efficiency loss was serious, resulting in a substantial increase in labor costs and manufacturing costs. The company's production bases in Shenzhen and Tianjin were fully resumed at the end of February. The current production capacity is at a normal level and there are ample orders. In addition, driven by 5G, the increasing popularity of smart terminals has greatly increased the demand for network bandwidth and the upgrade of mobile communication technologies, and has also pushed up the continuous high growth of the shipment rate of communication network equipment. The company's forward-looking layout of 5G mobile phones, Wi-Fi 6 routers, 5G CPE and other 5G series products is expected to have a wider development space. Speaking of cooperation models with Huawei and Xiaomi, Zhuoyi Technology stated that the company mainly adopts ODM (original design and manufacturing) / JDM (joint design and manufacturing) / EMS (electronic manufacturing services, that is, OEM) as domestic and foreign models. Of brand channel providers provide contract manufacturing services, which will be matched according to the specific needs of customers. Among them, Huawei is one of the company's important strategic partners, and has established good cooperative relations. The cooperative products involve network communications, consumer electronics, Internet of Things terminals and other fields. As the technology continues to iterate and upgrade, there are more and more product forms of cooperation, including WI-FI6 routers, 4G / 5G CPE, smart phones, and smart wearable products. Xiaomi is one of the company's important strategic partners. The cooperation history is long and the relationship is stable and good. The cooperation products mainly include Wi-Fi6 routers, smart phones, mobile power supplies, smart bracelets and smart cameras. Among them, Xiaomi Wi-Fi6 routers AX3600 is our exclusive supply. Zhuoyi Technology said that driven by the wave of 5G replacements, the company has introduced the K30 PRO 5G mobile phone in the first quarter of 2020. This technology reserve has been consolidated. The mobile phone business is one of the company's basic businesses and is a key layout.
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