Kunshan AU Optronics' output value from January to April this year increased by about 40%

On May 13, according to media reports, since this year, AU Optronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. has continuously improved production line automation, intelligence, and digitalization, continued to promote product technology innovation, steadily improved production quality and efficiency, and achieved breakthroughs. From January to April, the company's output value increased by approximately 40% year-on-year. Zhu Yongquan, general manager of AU Optronics (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., introduced that 98% of the production equipment in the array workshop has realized automation and networked data transmission. On average, only 1 technician is required to maintain every 6 base stations, which greatly saves labor costs and accelerates The speed of resumption of production and production of enterprises. Lai Junkai, the manager of the intelligent manufacturing department, also said, "At the same time, the same production line has increased by about 1,000 pieces, and the production efficiency has increased by more than 30%." It is understood that the sixth-generation LTPS (low temperature polysilicon) LCD panel of AUO Kunshan plant was lit in August 2016 and mass production was announced in November of the same year. The factory has a monthly production capacity of 25,000 glass substrates, and its main products are high-end LTPS panels with high resolution, high screen ratio, thin and light characteristics, including high-end smartphone panels, ultra-high-resolution notebook computer panels, and internal In-cell smart phone touch panel. In recent years, due to the rise of AMOLED panels, the LTPS panel market has been greatly affected, which has caused the proportion of LTPS panel shipments to continue to decline and product prices to continue to decline. In particular, affected by the epidemic this year, the market demand is sluggish, and terminal brands continue to repair LTPS panel orders, exacerbating the downward trend in panel prices. According to Qunzhi consulting data, the 6.26-inch LTPS screen fell by $ 0.2 from $ 17 in April to $ 16.8 in May; the 6.41-inch HIAA LTPS screen fell by $ 0.4 from $ 21 in April to $ 20.6 in May. With the increasingly fierce competition in the mobile phone panel market, AU Optoelectronics has actively promoted the expansion of its business segment from traditional mobile phone panels to high-definition touch notebooks, automotive, industrial control display and other panel fields, and continued to expand its sales. At the same time, to seize the new opportunities of increasing the number of home office workers, with the advantage of automated production, pre-define the production process according to market demand, enrich the variety of products, and seize the larger market. At the same time, AU Optronics continues to increase its innovation and R & D efforts, and develops high-end NB and mobile phone application products. The LTPS mobile phone panel is equipped with specifications such as In-cell touch, high screen ratio 18: 9, Free From special-shaped cutting and other specifications to enhance product value. The LTPS NB mainly locks in high-end commercial laptops. TDDI and 4K high resolution, ultra-narrow bezels, and ultra-low power consumption allow the laptop to operate for more than 20 hours without charging, greatly improving portability.
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