Provide professional viscose application solutions

For you to solve the difficult problem of viscose application, high-performance products are used in a variety of scenarios, such as electronics, household appliances, cars and so on

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Application scene

Our products are widely used, including the following main solutions.

Electronic product screen fixing

Lens mounting in consumer electronics devices like smart phone, tablet and etc.

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Electromagnetic shielding

Edge wrapping and EMI shielding of electronic components.

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Easy-to-remove battery tape

Battery mounting and the mounting application which needs easy rework-ability.

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About Us

We are the supplier of auxiliary materials for electronic products manufacturing

What do we mainly supply?

Supply of High performance Industrial Tape products

Xinyang Simin industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial viscose solutions, products include: waterproof foam tape, electromagnetic shielding conductive tape, copper foil aluminum foil tape, automotive tape and other high-quality tape.

Our products are widely used in household appliances, security, electrical, communications, digital, medical electronics and automotive electronics and other fields.

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The company adheres to the professional development of material-related science and technology, research and development, production, quality control, product quality and low price, pay attention to the education of staff manufacturers green environmental protection concept, to provide the best international competitiveness of the company and customers;

Original products, stable supply, to provide customers with competitive products, in the same industry, our performance-to-price ratio is the highest;

Widely used in digital, security, electrical, communications and automotive electronics and other fields.
Because of our variety, excellent quality, coupled with sincere service, the company's brand has been praised by more and more users. There are more than 20,000 kinds of product specifications. Include: TERAOKA Sigang, 3M, DIC, TESA, NITTO, SONY, SEKISUI stagnant water, foam material, buffer material, MYLAR, sound absorbing material, thermal conductive material, EMI shielding material, EMI absorbing material, industrial cloth, double-sided tape, insulating and flame-resistant material. , shock absorbing materials, shading strip, as well as conductive, electrostatic, super insulation, rubber and plastic. . All kinds of materials and products
The company has the most advanced instruments and equipment and professional R & D team, and gradually set up mechanochemical integration R & D and reliability testing center, to provide international standards of trust and precision density testing, In addition, the R & D center has gathered professional R & D talents in various fields.

The company pays attention to reputation, attaches importance to the long term, adheres to the purpose of "quality first, customer first", adheres to the basic principle of "quality assurance and integrity" as the source of enterprise survival, in addition to the experience and technology we have accumulated. Ensure that each product can meet the customer's most stringent quality and price requirements.

High quality and best service

Respond positively to customer needs and send samples to you within three days of the working day; place an order to the product delivery door and take good care of each step for your order. the accuracy of the delivery cycle can reach 99% san tium

Data on some high-quality products

High viscosity PET substrate double-sided tape, waterproof foam tape, electromagnetic shielding conductive tape and battery disassembly tensile tape.

double sided tape alternative
foam tape double sided
foam adhesive tape
foam tape black

Transparent double-sided PET Tape

  • A wide range of thickness options (0.005mm~0.2mm)
  • High resistance to demanding environmental conditions
  • Reliable bonding strength on various substrates

Ultra-thin PET substrate transparent or black double-sided tape for gasket, mesh, foam and other electronic parts fixation

Special requirements applications can contact us for customization to meet your needs.

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High performance waterproof foam tape

  • Ultra-high seismic absorption performance, drum test up to 1200 times
  • There is a high bonding strength on all kinds of bonded surfaces, including at a low surface energy plate ratio
  • Have better stickiness than competing goods
  • Good anti-tilting performance
  • The narrow edge die cutting ability is strong, and the minimum die cutting width can reach 0.5mm.
  • Good waterproof performance, can reach IPX8

Our high-performance waterproof foam tape is made of high-performance polyacrylic acid combined with ultra-thin and ultra-flexible polyethylene foam substrate, which has ultra-high stability and stickiness. Provide reliable performance in the application of waterproof, seismic and anti-tilting of electronic products.

It is mainly suitable for screen paste application in consumer electronic products such as smartphones, tablets and so on.

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Electrically conductive fabric tape

  • You can choose one-sided or double-sided, ultra-thin properties to meet different applications
  • Very low surface resistance, volume resistance
  • Very good conductivity.
  • It has good stickiness on all kinds of surfaces, including rough PCB boards.

Our conductive cloth tape products are made of conductive cloth as the substrate and coated with conductive polypropylene glue on both sides.

It is used in the grounding of electronic components and plays the role of electromagnetic shielding.

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White stretchable Tape

  • Easy remivability by stretching the adhesive
  • High bond strength.
  • High seismic performance.

The white stretch double-sided adhesive has a high bond strength and can be easily removed by pulling.

It is mainly used in Battery mounting and the mounting application which needs easy rework-ability.

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